As a patient of the Peartree Group Practice (Peartree, Moors Walk and Hollybush surgeries) we hope you might be interested in joining PatientVoices whose main aim is to build good relationships with all who work at the Practice and offer a patient’s view on the services provided by the NHS.

PatientVoices is run by patients for patients and is a requirement of the Practice by the NHS.

  • Note that until the end of 2019 the group was known as the Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Do you want to be more involved in what we do?

Members of PatientVoices are very welcome to attend our meetings, held on the second Thursday of each month at Peartree Lane surgery. We are relaxed and friendly at the meeting but aim to be focussed and finish within 90 minutes. The Practice Manager normally attends as well.

We discuss

  • Matters of interest to patients such as the appointment system
  • Services offered by the Practice, e.g. physiotherapy etc.
  • Services offered by other providers, such as QE II and Lister hospitals

We assist the Practice by, for example:

  • Making comments and suggestions on improving the way the Practice interacts with patients
  • Reviewing what is happening in the NHS and its impact on patients
  • Conducting patient surveys

We publish

  • Minutes of our meetings
  • Information from various parts of the NHS organisation
  • Feedback from other NHS Committees and meetings which we attend
  • Information from the National Association of Patient Participation
  • Information from the Patients Association

Do you just want to be kept updated on what we’re doing?

You can join our mailing list and receive Minutes of our meetings and other information about the Practice or the NHS. Send an e-mail to the address below, telling us your name, and we will add you to the list.

However, if you do have a couple of hours to spare on the second Thursday of every month you will be able to actively participate in working with the Practice to reflect patients’ concerns and be better informed as well. We send out an Agenda that will let you know what we plan to discuss at our meetings.

Either way, just send an e-mail to

We only require your name and e-mail address. We do not have access to any patient data, nor do we share your contact details with anyone else, including the Practice.

Please note that we do not discuss individual cases, unless they are an example of what we believe is a general Patient concern. There is a formal Complaints procedure in place at the Practice, and that is the proper vehicle for personal care concerns. It can be accessed here.