Home visits

If you are unable to visit the surgery and need a home visit please telephone 01707 329292 before 10:30am to request a visit. The number is the same for all three surgeries. A GP will then call you back between 10:40am and 12:00pm to discuss the visit and help where possible over the phone.

For new, acute and straightforward problems, we sometimes arrange a visit from a GP colleague from The Acute Visiting Service, part of Herts Urgent Care. We will notify you of this.

For more complex problems, where it would be far more beneficial to see one of the GPs from the practice, who knows your medical history better, we will assign one of our own GPs.

Please bear in mind that Home Visits are for housebound patients only and for those who are genuinely too ill to travel the short distance to the surgery. They do take far more GP time than an appointment in surgery and we appreciate every effort you are able to make to get to one of our sites.